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Internet Service

Tired of dialing up and being disconnected? With GLW Broadband Internet, you get the lightning fast download speeds up to 150 times faster than 56k dialup. Our Broadband Internet is up to 10.5 times faster than 768k DSL.

GLW Broadband Internet access is a high speed, online service that provides lightning fast access to the internet as well as to the ever increasing unique broadband content and services provided across the internet. Broadband Internet is delivered to your computer over the same upgraded cable systems that currently bring cable television in your home. Cutting-edge technology advancements implemented over comprehensive regional and national bandwidth networks get you to your internet destinations in seconds.

GLW Broadband Internet is an "always-on" technology meaning there are no connection times. When you open your browser, you are instantly on the internet. No longer will you tie your phone line up or pay for a phone line dedicated to your computer.

As a Broadband Internet subscriber, you will be able to watch a movie trailer online, call a friend and check movie times and locations, ALL AT THE SAME TIME!

Broadband Standard »

» Up to 30Mbits Downstream1
» 5Mbits Upstream
» Up to 3 email accounts
» "Always On" connectivity
» Broadband Cable Modem
» Free Installation!

Broadband Light »

» Up to 512Kbits Downstream (9x speed of dial-up)
» 128Kb Upstream
» Up to 3 email accounts
» "Always On" connectivity
» Broadband Cable Modem
» Free Installation!
Acceptable Use Policy
With cable television service, there is a $10/mo discount for High-Speed Internet.
*Actual speeds may vary. Many factors affect speeds.
1 Not available in all areas. Call our office for details. (440) 926-3230